ARKOS company functions as a private company with Polish capital. We specialize in the production of modern upholstery and hard furniture, which is primarily characterized by modernity, functionality and accuracy of execution.

Our priority is to provide high quality product with an original design. We continue to improve in this area, and therefore successfully refine their own line of production.

We have created a strong team of skilled workers. We chose the right equipment and machines and we were able to select the best suppliers of materials used in the furniture industry.

Perfectly in sync with current trends and canons "furniture art". For the manufacture of our furniture we use in high-quality wood, fabrics and furniture boards.

Custom upholstery department can comprehensively support our partners. Our employees have extensive experience in the manufacture of furniture. We know that this step is extremely important because at this time the products achieve its final shape and appearance. We place great emphasis on cleanliness and neatness of execution, as we care about details and quality, so that EVERY piece of furniture that leaves the furniture was top class - just PERFECT in its simplicity.

If you need a new way of shaping your living space, houses or apartments, so that every living human being in them developed in harmony with the surroundings, feeling happiness and contentment ...

This is the best choice!

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